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Royalty free images of alpine landscapes

alpineSTOCK is the stockphoto agency for alpine photography. Most images at alpineSTOCK are offered royalty free. Additionally, there are photos with outstanding visible impact and quality - these images are offered rights managed.

Royalty free photographs can be used by customers nearly without any limits. No matter if they will be published on private or commercial websites, in club magazines, newspapers or for commercials. To learn more about uses permitted under royal free license, CLICK HERE.

Rights managed images can be licensed for certain purposes. Due to the fact that there are many different purposes existing, licenses for rights managed images can not be obtained for a standard price. The individual fee varies as the image will be published privately or commercially, depending on the print run, the medium itself and the range of coverage. The use in commercials follows a different pricing scheme. To learn more about the alpineSTOCK licensing and terms of use click HERE.

What makes alpineSTOCK different from other image agencies?

Every big stockphoto agency offers photographs that show mountains. The more well-known a mountain is, the more images of that mountain are available. alpineSTOCK has a large catalogue of photographs available which depict even less famous mountains. Alpine landscapes offer so much more photographic scenes than the Matterhorn. Out of this reason, you will find a great variety of different images, covering all facettes of alpine photography.

Photographers who sell their images at alpineSTOCK are in most cases enthusiastic mountaineers and alpinists. While being out on their trips in the mountains, they are taking pictures of places which are inaccessible to most people. This guarantees impressive photographs of ridges, glaciers and ice walls.

Nevertheless, alpineSTOCK provides even "normal" images to customers which show people, buildings, transportation, water, plants and villages in the alpine landscapes.


The catalogue of alpineSTOCK is open to commercial customers like journalists, editors, web designers, commercial agencies and graphic designers. It serves as well private persons who are looking for images to use on their websites, in club magazines, for trip reports or just as a memory of their own moutain trips. All digital images are ready for download immediately after payment is done.


All photographers who produce technically flawless and optically pleasing photographs can upload their images in order to sell them via alpineSTOCK. Photos are integrated in the alpineSTOCK catalogue after a short manual check for comliance with some minimum requirements. Photographers are not responsible for any administrative effort, marketing or customer support. Offering this service and providing a sales platform for photographers, a commission will be deducted from every sale. By achieving a minimum amount of sales, photographer's shares are paid out every month.

Pricing scheme

Royalty free images can be purchased in different sizes for downloading, starting at CHF 29.00. Prints are available as well. To learn more about the alpineSTOCK pricing scheme click HERE.