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Do you sell only "alpine" photos?
No. Although true alpine photography is the key with, we also sell non-alpine landscape images. But these non-alpine images have to be really outstanding, rare or interesting.

What about quality criteria? maintains a very high level of image quality. All photos meet high technical standards. The minimum resolution is 1920x1080px, the current HD-format. In case a photo is not of sufficient quality, we decide to sell it in reduced resolution only.

You sell JPG, I need TIFF. Is TIFF available?
In most cases, yes. Please contact us for any request for TIFF files.

Some photos appear as if they only serve a documentary purpose. There's no special light or photographical composition. Why do you offer such images? is not limited to fine art photography. Being a stock image agency we are offering a wide choice of different photos, subjects and motifs. This comprises shots of rather less known mountains and places. If you look for a special photo of a specific peak, chances are high that you'll find it at is not a mainstream microstock agency which offers only images of the most famous mountains.

Can I use royalty free images as I like?
Yes, but there are very few exceptions. Royalty free photos can be used by private persons and entities, for private and for commercial use, even for advertising. As the most important limitation of usage, this right is not transferable to other persons. Click here to learn about details of a royalty free license.

You offer rights managed photos as well. Why do you have no fixed pricing for these?
Rights managed photos can only be used for a certain pre-defined purpose. The price for a license depends solely on this special purpose and it is in general in line with the industry standards. However, prices for rights managed licenses may vary. Click here to learn more about this type of license.

Do you offer all photographs exclusively at
In most cases, yes. The majority of our images are exclusively offered here.



I've used the Image Search function on your site but I couldn't find what I wanted. Any solution?
To improve your search results, please follow our tips: Click here for tips on searches. Maybe, though unlikely, we do not have a certain image in our database. Tell us and we'll try to get it for you.



I'm looking for a pricing list.
Please see all details here: Click here.

Should I subscribe for a monthly or yearly plan?
If you buy regularly at (thanks for that, we are happy about it!), we recommend a subscription. You benefit from very attractive prices per photo. Click here for more details.

There is no EXIF data in lower resolution digital downloads. What's the reason?
EXIF data is only provided with full resolution images.

Where do I find shipping information on print products?
To lean more about this, click here.

Can I purchase other print products like postcards, wall mounted prints and more?
Yes. Please contact us.



I'd like to sell my photos via How to start?
First step: Take a closer look at the photos offered at By doing this, you get a feeling for what's needed by customers.

Second step: Choose your best photographs that fit alpine landscape photography and check the minimum requirements for photos at (correctly titled, keyworded and of good technical quality).

Third step: Register as a photographer, log in and start uploading your photos. will check your photos. Once they are approved, you'll get a notice. Your photos are now available for customers worldwide. Check back with your account regularly to see how much views your photos had and inform yourself about the sales.

Are there any costs for me?
No! All infrastructure costs, running costs, marketing and customer care efforts are done by There's nothing more than uploading your photos and look as they sell.

How much can I earn as a photographer?
In general, charges a commission on every sale your photos achieve. This commission is - in comparison with other stock photo agencies - rather low: Actually, it's as low as 20%, that means 80% of each of your sales is for your pocket. If your photos manage to sell often, or your photography is exceptional outstanding, you'll have the chance to keep even more.

Can I use as an online backup storage for my photos?
No. alpineSTOCK is a stock photo agency. Photos can be removed at every time from the catalogue, so it's not a backup.