Professional Images of Alpine Regions

How to perform an efficient image search? offers alpine landscape photography. Search terms beyond this focus may not lead to desired results. As an example, if you search for "mountain", you'll get thousands of results. If you search for "superglue", results may be zero.

We recommend to search for:

  • geographical names and descriptions ("matterhorn")
  • generic terms ("clouds", "snow")
  • existing categories at ("people", "panorama", etc.)
  • seasons
  • licensing models ""rights managed" or "royalty free"


Where to search?

Search Form
Recommended. Performing an image search via the dedicated search form (top left of the website) leads to most exact results. Search terms can be combined to get even more precise results.

Themes / Categories offers thousands of photos. All of them are assigned to certain categories. This kind of search is best if you do not look for something special but instead for certain themes.

The tagcloud shows the most frequently performed searches.

Every photo is assigned to keywords. By clicking on these keywords shown under photos on it's details page, you easily find similar photos.

Each photo contributed by special photographers shows on it's details page a link to more of his/her work. Click to see more photos of this photographer.