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Professional Images of Alpine Regions

alpineSTOCK.com is committed to specialize in images of the world's high alpine regions. Media buyers benefit from a wide variety of handpicked and mostly exclusive stock photos that are either royalty free or rights managed.

We set high value in very precise geographical keywording and titling of images so that image editors can find exactly the images they are looking for, be it particular mountains, certain landmarks or specific regions. Photos of alpine wildlife and plants feature the Latin names of the depicted species.

Most images are contributed by passionate climbers who venture off the beaten path and into high alpine terrain. This leads to spectacular photos of rocky ridges, glacial serac zones and icy north faces inaccessible to most people.

Recently we added and extend aerial photography, realized aboard real aircrafts, not just drones.

Many of our editors are climbers themselves, so specialist knowledge is available anytime. Image buyers are professionally assisted in finding the photos they need.

Featured categories:

  • Mountains
  • Landscapes
  • Climbers and Alpinists
  • Wildlife and Plants
  • Villages and Cities
  • Transportation
  • Panoramic views
  • Abstracts
  • Night shots
  • Aerial photography
  • Aviation

Services for media buyers:

  • comprehensive online image search
  • easy and quick image buying process
  • instant download
  • plain price structure
  • no obligation to subscribe
  • providing of outdoor photographers for assignments


  • lots of exclusive image content
  • royalty free and rights managed
  • professional image quality
  • TIFF available in most cases
  • exact geographical keywording
  • all photos handpicked
  • no duplicates
  • custom assignment work available

alpineSTOCK.com - Professional Images of Alpine Regions

Haferland Photography
Toblerstrasse 76a
8044 Zürich

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