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Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads are available royalty free) or rights managed, depending on the respective medium.


Royalty Free - standard license

Standard license priced media are available based on a fixed price model. In addition to digital downloads in original dimensions most media are also available in smaller sizes. The dimensions of the smaller sizes refer to the media's wide side.

CHF 99.00 - original resolution
CHF 59.00 - Size L - 1600px
CHF 39.00 - Size M - 800px
CHF 29.00 - Size S - 400px


Usage of royalty free media - standard license

Royalty free media under standard license can be used:

- in any medium, online or offline
- commercial and non-commercial
- for adversing, editorial and private
- worldwide and perpetual
- for one single purpose and one single usage cycle

Royalty free media under standard license must not be used:

- for production of merchandising goods for resale (e.g. calendars, photo-books, posters etc.)
- for web templates and artwork (screensaver, design templates, print templates etc.)


Usage of royalty free media - extended license

An extended license for royalty free media is required for any usage basing on the media itself. This is true for any product which is a product because of the used media, as the production of goods like calendars, photo-books, posters, t-shirts, mugs etc. An extended license is available for original sized media only and is calculated for most media by a factor of 1.75 of the standard license price. Under no circumstances media may be transferred to third parties, resold and sublicensed. If you are unsure which license you need for a special purpose, do not hesitate to call or write us. We are there to help you.


Rights Managed

The price for a rights managed license depends on the media's specific usage. Important factors are whether the intended use is private or commercial, issued in online media or print media, for editorial or advertising. Basically, the individual price bases on the recommendations of the SAB, the Swiss Association of Photo Agencies and Archives. The book of price recommendations can be ordered at


Usage of rights managed media

Rights managed media may be used within the specific and individual demands agreed on.


Copyright notice

A copyright notice is required for any editorial usage. Whenever the licensed medium is used in any context of information or coverage a well visible copyright notice is required. The requirement of a copyright notice when using rights managed media depends on the individual agreement. Samples of copyright notices:

© Jon Doe -
photo: Jon Doe -



Purchased licenses can be payed via our secure payment gateway providers or via direct bank transfer. Digital downloads are available immediately after confirmed reception of payment.

Currently we do not charge VAT.


Registering as a member

A registration for a membership is not mandatory. Members benefit from a variety of useful options. Members have permanent access to their account, checking for invoices and purchase history, managing lightboxes etc. There is no need to enter personal data again in future purchases.


Abonnements / Credits

Currently we do not offer abonnements or credits.


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