Cerro Torre, Fitzroy, Icecap – Expedition Photography of Patagonia by Mountain Guide Spanish Highs -

April 4, 2012

alpineSTOCK.com is glad to present outstanding expedition photography by Spanish Highs in this special. Spanish Highs about his photography:

“I am fortunate. My job as a mountain guide entails working in the mountains, which have been my life for the past 40 years. It is not work, it is a labour of love! Although living in Spain’s Sierra Nevada, I have also spent many years walking, trekking and mountaineering in Scotland, the Alps and South America.

This gives me a unique opportunity, through my photography, to capture some of the marvellous mountain vistas I come across. Recently, I have had three  expeditions to the Patagonian Icecap in southern Argentina. The first two trips were beset by the bad weather and high winds that are fairly common in Patagonia. The last trip was completely different. We were treated to light winds, sun, clear skies and saw sights that few humans ever get to see.  Namely, the great icefields and glaciers west of the huge granite peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitzroy. This huge sea of ice splits Argentina and Chile for 300km and is the largest piece of ice outside the polar regions on the planet.

We spent a week camping on the ice, enjoying and photographing this unique landscape. We so no other humans. The sense of isolation is incredible and I hope the photography captures that sense. The skies were incredible, with not only wonderful dawn and dusk shots, but also incredible lenticular cloud formations. It will live long in the memory. I can’t wait to return!”

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