Big Aletsch Glacier Photowalk Swiss Photography Club G+

July 4, 2012

The Big Aletsch Glacier is a very fascinating glacier. To learn about it’s sheer size, a visit of the peak of Eggishorn is very good. You can reach this summit by hiking or by cablecar. From there, you can overlook the whole Aletsch Glacier, from it’s start at Mt. Mönch over the Konkordiaplatz down to the end. After this, you hike down an easy but steep path to Märjelensee.

Now you hike down to the glacier itself and it’s turquoise-green ice lake. This lake comes and goes as it is build up only by melting ice and can be easily gone by drain channels in the ice. At this point many alpine routes start. Here you begin the traversing of the glacier to reach the Mittelaletsch-Bivouac, the starting point to climb Mt. Aletschhorn. For now, you enter the glacier’s surface and take an interesting walk through valleys and hills of pure, blue ice.

This walk was organized as a photowalk by the Swiss Photography Club G+ (SPC). It’s highly recommended to join this club if you are swiss and a photographer.

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