Vadret Pers Diavolezza Biancograt

November 5, 2012

Diavolezza Piz Palü Biancograt Bernina

The mountain Piz Bernina at 4’048m elevation a.m.s.l. is the highest peak of the Canton Grisons and the only 4’000m peak of the “eastern alps”. The most beautiful alpine ascend to its summit is the famous Biancograt, a pure snow ridge of approx. 800m lenght and over 400m height. Piz Bernina is surrounded by beautiful, ice covered summits like the well-known Piz Palü, Piz Roseg and Piz Morteratsch. This majestic ensemble is also called “Festsaal der Alpen”. Movies have been produced here and countless books were written about this region. At this given altitude, glaciers are still present here, although the Glacier Morteratsch (“Vadret da Morteratsch”) is melting hugely. It lost about 2.2 km length since 1878 and measures at approx. 6.4 km lenght today.

Images of the Bernina region are spectacular in most cases. If the right light strikes the summits and ice terraces, photos can get even more exciting. Check out our Bernina images and see for yourself.

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