Traverse Breithorn Zermatt, Valais

December 14, 2011

Breithorngrat Ghiaccio di Verra

The Breithorn of Zermatt (4’164m) is most likely the easiest to climb 4000m – peak. In case you choose the top station of the Klein Matterhorn cable car (approx. 3’800m) as a starting point, the path to the summit is done by easy snow hiking. Much more enjoyable is the traverse of the complete ridge of the Breithorn instead of visiting the W-summit only. The honest alpinist starts the traverse at Roccia Nera, also called Schwarztor (4’075m). From here, 2.5 kilometers of ridge and several peaks await you. The traverse starts with the Gendarm (4’106m), continues with the Breithornzwillinge (4’139m und 4’022m), the unnamed middle peak (4’159m) which offers finest climbing passages in the 4th degree of difficulty, until one reaches the W-summit via a sharp snow edge. Arriving there, a mass photo shooting by normal route climbers is for sure.

These photographs were taken during the traverse after the clouds disappeared eventually. The ridge was fantastically lit. Some of the images in this special are offered rights managed.


Breithorngrat Trockener Steg


Breithorngrat Monte Rosa


Fels Breithorngrat Traverse

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