Shadows in the barn

April 5, 2013

Shadows in the barn

Korsak, the photographer of a series of moody, subtle and well composed images of remote alpine-like country sites, says:

“I created this photograph in in the early afternoon, during spring time. I travelled through the country side, looking for a special place to portrait. Eventually I found a small village which looked almost deserted. When I spotted an old barn I was very curious what’s inside. So I stopped by and walked through a broken fence towards the barn -  it was open. Immediately I saw many opportunities to get an appealing picture. I always remember Ansel Adams words: first visualize your frame, then take the photograph. So I took my camera and looked trough the lens in order to figure out the most interesting composition. Instantly my attention was drawn to the light beams falling trough the old boards of this barn.

I took several shots to make sure that I would match the difficult light situation and to get the framing right. I always try to create photographs which do not need any reframing in post-processing. Because in photography the lighting conditions are most important, I am very sensitive to this fact. Very often some “non-photogenic“ objects start to be very exiting in interesting light. So for me, the whole day can be interesting to take pictures, it’s not only the common “golden hour”. Even with very diffuse light it is possible to create superb photographs, for example on foggy or snowy days.

Most important thing in photography is to do it. There will be no opportunity for great images when staying at home… at least when you do landscapes!”

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