Valle Verzasca Lavertezzo (call for images)

May 5, 2013

Ponte dei Salti Ticino

The valley of Verzasca is located in the italian-speaking south of Switzerland, in Canton Ticino. What makes this valley special compared to lots of other valleys in this region is its emerald-green, crystal clear river. The Verzasca river is favored by divers and canoeists; some big rocks in its river bed are equipped with pitons to attract climbers.

The unique stone bridge Ponte dei Salti near the village Lavertezzo provides a deep view into the crystal water. Additionally, it works perfectly as a jumping platform for high divers who dare. Everyone else can enter a nearby rock and start a less exposed jump there. In summer, the smooth stone river banks are usually occupied by sunbathing people, in winter you can watch ice divers there. Most interesting places are the river-ponds “Pozzo della Misura” and “Pozzo dei Salti”.


Verzasca in Lavertezzo


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