Winter Colors

December 12, 2013

Orange evening cloud above a winter hill

Alpine winter colors are special. The sun sets early, the light is soft and golden. This can make for very colorful images. Snowy landscapes and mountains add perfectly to the composition.

Skifahrer Chapf Abendlicht

While most climbers plan to end their day in the mountains early, the photographer climber starts later by purpose to catch the evening light. The fact that it’s already dark for quite a time when the tour is finished doesn’t matter. Well prepared with headlamps, the way down to the valley is no problem.

Strauch Winter Abendhimmel

A very comfortable situation is shooting in the winter evening from a mountain hut. No need to head down to the valley afterwards, the only thing you might miss is the hut’s diner. However, if you’re rewarded by great images, it’s worth it.

Schwarzhorn Signalhorn Distelhorn Abendlicht

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