Alpinists, Climbers and Hikers

January 1, 2012

Alpinist auf einer Gratspitze Aiguille Du Tour

This special shows four images: A climber and alpinist on the ridge of Aiguille du Tour after ascending the Couloir du Table, sitting between two spikey rocks. The second photo shows an alpinist as well; he’s struggeling with deep snow while ascending the northern ridge of Galenstock, Uri, Switzerland. The third image depicts an hiker who’s climbing a small but steep rocky step which is equipped with a loose steel cord in order to climb the summit of Ortstock, Glarus, Switzerland. The last picture shows an alpinist girl who’s climbing a twisted ladder at a Via Ferrata in Kandersteg, Bernese Alps, Switzerland. is currently looking for photos of people in alpine landscapes. Every photographer who has images of mountain people is invited to sign up immediately with in order to sell her or his images right now. The most interesting images will be introduced in an own special at


Alpinist Aufstieg Galengrat


Steilstufe Aufstieg Ortstock


Klettersteig Allmenalp Eisenleiter Schlüsselstelle

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