New Website

July 15, 2015 website relaunched

As of July 15, 2015, welcomes customers and photographers in a completely new design. We improved usability, presentation and user experience and made sure to fully support mobile devices. Aside from the design we re-worked any functionality and added a lot of new features. The website now benefits from highly increased server-power and a faster network connection. SSL encryption provides better security and protection.

Improvements for media buyers:

  • new search engine with added filters
  • color based search
  • recommendations of similiar media
  • more precise selection of categories
  • new sorting options for media presentation
  • lightbox to compare a selection of images
  • geographical map presentation where GPS - information provided
  • rating system
  • commenting system
  • option to recommend additional keywords to existing images
  • choice of currency for invoicing
  • clear and easy ordering
  • support-ticket-system

Improvements for photographers:

  • newly designed photographer's account providing dramatically improved usability
  • new upload solution
  • media is being uploaded directly to photographer's accounts, ready for immediate editing
  • ftp-account for easy uploading available on request
  • clear tagging of images which are not yet approved
  • title, description and keywords may be entered in english and german language
  • easy assigning of different licenses and sizes to media
  • support-ticket-system


We extend our licensing scheme for royalty free media by a new extended license. This special license grants the right to create products which feature the respective image as a main component. This is mainly true for merchandise such as calendars, image books, posters, web-templates, screensavers and print-templates. In addition, a selection of images is offered rights managed only. Click here to learn more about our licensing scheme.


We are happy to provide a greatly improved service to all our customers amd photographers.

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