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January 9, 2018

Von Chris Peters

Since May 6, 2014 we know! Watzmann is the most beautiful mountain in the world. This is what the readers of the magazine "Bergsteiger" wanted. And anyone who has ever stood in front of him, possibly even in the early morning, and seen him that way, may have thought the same thing.

Watzmann bei Berchtesgaden mit Bauernhof im Frühnebel bei Sonnenaufgang

But if you have seen a dozen landscape photographers lined up like a string of pearls with their tripods next to the small country road in the meadow to capture this moment, you know why there are too many pictures of this view. And he may have wondered if there are other beautiful perspectives of the most beautiful mountain in the world. And yes, there are.

But: To get there you have to put up with several hours of walking. And if you want to experience sunrise and sunset, you will probably have to pack your bivouac equipment. The way through the Wimbachgries is long, but the landscape is great. A wild and rustic area, and perhaps the most beautiful in autumn:

Goldener Herbst bei Wanderung im Wimbachgries, Wimbachtal, Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Blick vom Wimbachgries auf den Hochkalter, Hocheisspitze und Palfelhorn im goldenen Herbst, Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, Bayern, Deutschland

Die Rotleitenschneid im Wimbachgries

The Wimbachgries is a stream of debris that starts to move when there is heavy rainfall, which can be seen quite clearly here:

Blick vom Wimbachgries auf den Hochkalter im goldenen Herbst, Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, Bayern, Deutschland

Wegweiser zum Watzmann und Watzmannhaus im Wimbachgries, Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, Bayern, Deutschland

Wimbachgries mit abgestorbenen Bäumen

Those who arrive at the summit of Hirschwieskopf at 2114m will notice that the summit is actually more a meadow than a summit. But the best thing is that one does not see the Watzmann at all during the ascent, only when one reaches the highest point, it suddenly stands in front of one like a mighty castle made of rock, unapproachable, steep, impressive.

Watzmann Südspitze über dem Wimbachgries

And if you have a heart for mountain landscapes, you are simply overwhelmed. A dream place in the middle of the national park. No famous summit, this Hirschwieskopf, therefore left out by many, but wrongly. Where else can one feel so much in the centre of the national park as here?

Panorama Aufnahme vom Watzmann mit Königssee und Wimbachgries

Wimbachgries on the left, Königssee on the right, and the colossus Watzmann in the middle. Also in the other direction you have a beautiful view: into the Steinerne Meer to the Schönfeldspitze.

Blick auf das herbstlich verschneite Steinerne Meer

Wilde Palfelhörner against the light

Viele Bergspitzen im Gegenlicht

But the most powerful, the most impressive is simply the Watzmann:

Watzmann Südspitze von Süden bei Sonnenuntergang

To be allowed to experience the whole thing in the moonlight is simply a gift from the Creator.

Watzmann im Mondlicht
Just like the sunrise on the infamous east face, the supposedly highest rock face of the Eastern Alps.

Watzmann-Ostwand bei Sonnenaufgang

Sonnenaufgang am Watzmann

Watzmann mit Wimbachgries am frühen Morgen

In the early morning the long shadow of the mountain on which I am standing down to Wimbachgries.

Wimbachgries mit Hundstod, Palfelhorn, Hocheisspitze, Hochkalter

The view into the wild rockfalls on the south side of the Watzmann

Wilde Felsabstürze am Watzmann
And at some point the decision is made: one day I will move in here:

Hütte am Trischübel Pass mit dem Grossen Hundstod

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